Melba Belt Bag

Melba Belt Bag


This bag is made of suede sourced from greek tanneries and can be worn as a belt or a cross body bag.


    Melba the Belt Bag is dedicated to Melba Stone, an Australian widow who is widely credited with inventing the fanny pack or belt bag in the early '60s. It seems entirely possible that she was inspired by a kangaroo. For us it is just the perfect accessory for one of our greatest ideals: freedom. Tie her up and walk around undisturbed.

    .Suede leather

    .YKK zipper in antique bronze finish

    .Antique bronze button & hooks

    .Adjustable suede strap


    23 cm L x 14 cm H


    *Suede leather has a shaggy nap due to its fiber content. As it doesn’t include the tough outer skin layer, suede is less durable but softer than full-grain leather. Its softness, thinness and pliability make it perfect for delicate uses.